The Multi-function Foot and Back Massager from NAIPO. It is their new product and I was reaaaally excited about it! The Multi-function Foot and Back Massager from NAIPO. It is their new product and I was reaaaally excited about it!!

1. The package came quickly. That was very nice, as I couldn’t wait to try it! The package was simple but pretty. The box being sturdy, I decided to keep it and reuse it for another purpose. Inside you will find the massager, an adaptor, and a user manual.

2. The understanding of the machine is EXTREMELY simple! My three years old understands how it works! There is a remote with several options that helps you to control the type of massage you want, the vibration and the heat of the massager. No need to bend or change position, the remote is just right next your hand.3. The massager itself is constituted of 2 parts. The upper part is a pocket where you can put your feet. Just like warm slippers!!! I don’t feel the need of it right now, but I know I am going to love it this winter!!! As I said, right now, as it summer, I don’t need it, so I easily unzipped it from the bottom part of the massager.

4. You can just mass your feet by simply putting them on top of it, or you can put the massager behind your back to mass your back.The experience with this massager is so relaxing!!! Of course, the machine is conceived to mass the feet and the back, so inevitably there are some adjustments, but it is efficient. Let see more in details:

The Feet Massage:

It is made of three little balls in the middle of the foot BUT THAT DOES THE CHARM.
You can move your feet as you wish to mass different part of your feet! You can choose to focus on one spot or regularly move your feet as needed. Moreover, the feeling of the gentle heat on the feet is comfortable and nice.

The Back Massage:

I really needed the back massager, as my back hurts. I wake up in the morning, because of the aches in my back. I should admit than since I started using this massager regularly, I feel better, and sleep better. The little disadvantage is that of course, because of the size of the massager, and as the balls stay at the same place, the massager can not mass all the back at once, by itself. You need to move yourself the massager along your back. It does work well and the massager being light, it is not complicated. I would just like for the massage to be stronger on the lower back, but it is perfect for the rest of the back.


This is a VERY affordable and effective massager. It is nice that it does mass the feet and the back, so one machine is enough! If you wish to really concentrate on one of these parts of the body, it would be better to take one of the specialized machines that NAIPO Care has, in order to get the best massage possible. For my use, this machine is sufficient, and I feel already so relaxed. My muscles having a tendency to be tensed, NAIPO Multi-function Foot and Back Massager is helpful. I should say, more than I thought it would be! Plus, their team is nice, and it is a pleasure to contact them when in need of any help.