Eye massaging is set to become the next big thing and here is why.

Now more than ever, people are sitting in front of screens for the majority of their day and doing irreparable damage to their eyes. Doctors suggest that we should try and look away from our computer screens for at least 20 seconds every 20 minutes but sometimes work gets so busy that it’s hard to look away for even a second. This is where Naipo’s Eye Massager can help you. It’s designed to force your eyes to rest for a set period of time by putting you in a super-relaxed state. I’ve compiled some useful tips for getting the most out of this awesome technology.

1. Find A Comfortable Place To Lay Down

This is so important that I would say it is required. I prefer laying down in my bed or on my couch, but some people might prefer sitting in a chair or maybe even sitting outside. Overall, the most important quality for a good massaging venue is that the place is comfortable and safe. Remember, depending on the setting (low-medium-high) you’re going to be sitting down for ten to twenty minutes so you don’t want to be uncomfortable.

2. Play Some Music You Like

The nature sounds and the light music built into the eye massager are awesome, but sometimes it’s nice to sit with music that you know and enjoy. Remember, It doesn’t always have to be relaxing music either. Sometimes, energetic music can be really good, especially if you’re using this massager in the middle of the day and need a boost.

3. Use It Before Bed

This is probably the most potent usage for this massager and this is when I like to use it most. If you’re one of those people who can’t seem to get away from your phone before bed, this eye massager could be the cure to your problem. The reason for this is twofold: by massaging your eyes the massager relaxes you and by keeping you from looking at your phone, so you end up feeling relaxed and ready for bed.
Here is a quick article about why you should avoid electronics before bed.

4. Use It To Help With Mild Headaches

This is something that we noticed and loved immediately. This massager gently stimulates your temples and leaves them feeling relieved. This feature is arguably almost as powerful as the eye massaging feature itself. If you are prone to headaches we’d recommend giving this a spin and seeing if it helps you ease your pain.

5. Keep The Lights Low

This massager blocks out light while it massages your eyes so you can relax. This is a good thing, but when you finish your massage your eyes will be in for a shock when the light hit them. My advice is to make sure that you use this massager in a dimly lit room so that you don’t come out of your massage feeling uncomfortable.

These are just a few different ideas to get you started with your eye massager. Either way, this massager will make an excellent addition to your eye care arsenal. Are there any other cool things that you do with your eye massager and are there other tools that you use to help keep your eyes healthy and safe? Please comment below with any cool eye care tips that you have.

P. S. If you don’t already own this product and you’re interested in trying it out, you can pick it up here on Amazon.com.