We get it, you’re a jet-setting alpha who is always traveling between hemispheres. You hardly have time for yourself much less your health, but we want to change that. We know you fly so much that sometimes you have trouble remembering what country you’re in and where you’re going next. While it’s an enviable lifestyle to have, it can sometimes wear you down and maybe even make you adopt some unhealthy habits. Nearly everyone we know who travels a lot gets sick all the time, and it might be very hard to get a good rest on a over night flight. But why is that? We believe it has to do with nutrition, sleep, and stress, so we’ve compiled a list of tips to help you stay well-rested, well-fed and relaxed, Naipo style.

1. Eat more Vegetables And Less Meat

I think this one seems a little counter-intuitive and may not apply if you’re going to developed countries, but it’s generally a good practice to avoid meat in developing nations since their refrigeration practices are sometimes suspect. It also keeps your calories lower so that you’re not overeating. of course, you can overeat on veggies but it’s a lot harder to do that than it is to overeat meat.

The other side of avoiding meat while traveling a lot is that lowers your chances of getting sick. Some of the worse cases of food poisoning happen to people who travel abroad and mistakenly assume that the food inspection qualities of their homeland are the inspection practices everywhere and this can be awful for your stomach. This might be just another reason to start cooking immediatelly.


2. Bring Vitamins

It goes without saying that it’s super easy to miss out on balanced, healthy meals while traveling, so we suggest bringing along at least a bottle of multi-vitamins. If you’re really serious we’d suggest bringing a multi-vitamin, Vitamin d3, and some fish oil. Making sure that you don’t develop a nutritional imbalance while traveling is hard so we suggest buying vitamins to help even out the difference. It may seem like a hassle to pack vitamins but it’s definitely worth it in the long run.

3. Drink More Water

This is a big one. All that time rushing from point A to point B and being crammed on trains and uncomfortable airplane seats are bound to talk a toll on the time you have for just about everything else!
Staying hydrated is of paramount importance not only for your mood but also for your health. The benefits of drinking more water are too numerous to list here but for starters:

Higher mental clarity
Better sleep
More weight loss

And those are just the most basic ones! Drink more water, live and travel more healthily. It really is that simple. Of course, we suggest sticking to bottled or filtered water if you’re not familiar with the territory but drinking more water is only going to help you, especially if you’re in a tropical area. Don’t believe us on the benefits of drinking water, well WebMD does.


4. Sleep

This one should be self-explanatory but people are so bad about sleep that it’s worth putting here. Sleep as much as you possibly can. On your flights, your bound to lose sleep so we suggest trying to schedule your sleep during your vacation to make sure that you can get enough. We know that it sounds lame but you’ll benefit by not getting as sick or as jetlagged when you travel for extended periods of time. Creating better bedtime habits will definitely help you staying healthier during your frequent travels.

So is there anything that you would add for healthy travel? Luckily, technology allows us to exchange ideas and advice, but you can never know too much about health. What rituals do you have for preserving your health while you travel? Do you use a Travel Pillow while traveling? Let us know in the comments below!