Sometimes it is hard to be happy in the world we’ve established. More atomized than ever, we spend countless hours joylessly staring at our phones or computers, disconnected from other people and oftentimes even nature itself. None of us has the power to fix all the ills that plague today’s society. All we can do is take small measures to increase our own personal happiness.

To start, put some flowers or green plants around your home. Not only will this act bring you in contact with nature that you might otherwise eschew, but it will also have the added benefit of promoting positive energy in your surroundings. Depending on how carefully you arrange the flora, you might even be able to reduce your stress levels. Human beings were not meant to be cooped up all day, so do whatever you can to escape the drabness of indoor life and be among the rest of creation.

Famous organizing consultant Marie Kondo has a rule: Throw out everything in your house that does not “spark joy.” Such an effort might be excessive, but the thinking behind it is right. Possessions pile up over the years, and it can be hugely cathartic to scale down. Furthermore, you can experience an even greater feeling by donating the unused clothes or belongings to those in need.

Spend time outside whenever you can. If you are the type of person only concerned with “practical things,” then you can take advantage of nice weather to dry out laundry after it goes through the wash. It might be less efficient than the dryer, but it is infinitely more likely to bring a smile to your face.

For those who enjoy cooking, you already know that making your favorite dish can be a fun pastime. However, even if you do not consider yourself an amateur chef, you can still use food to lift your spirits. Whenever you are feeling down, simply pull out your best kitchenware. This will make your meal look more appetizing. In fact, it might end up being so delicious that you fool yourself into thinking you are dining in a fancy restaurant!

Most people look forward to the weekend. It is typically a time of fun and revelry with friends and family. Inevitably though, a weekend rolls along in which we do not have pre-made plans. Sometimes, plans even fall through. Either way, if you find yourself alone at home on a weekend evening, do not wallow in your solitude. Instead, just relax. Put on your favorite music or make some popcorn and watch a classic movie. Everyone loves having company, but there are also plenty of ways to be happy without being around other people.

It doesn’t have to be the weekend for you to set aside “me time.” An easy way to increase your happiness is to designate 15 minutes before you go to bed every night as a period of relaxation. Drink a glass of tea or warm milk and treat yourself to a nice, soothing massage. Any one of NAIPO’s many massagers can help you with this task, and all of them will both improve your general mood and also assist you in getting a great night’s sleep.

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