At times, it feels like the coronavirus crisis will never end. After weeks and weeks in isolation, the very idea of going outside and seeing other people seems too good to be true. However, due the successful effects of social distancing, the virus will eventually be defeated, and life will go on as before.

When the lockdown is over, take some time to be thankful, both for your health and for your freedom to engage in seemingly mundane activities. To get you started, here are 10 things you should look forward to doing as soon as the coronavirus has been dispelled and the bans on going out in public have been lifted.

Go outside to take in the fresh air without a mask

These days, if you leave your house for any reason at all, it is prudent that you wear some form of mask over your mouth. While this is critical for public health, it does make enjoying springtime a bit difficult. On the flip side, it should make you appreciate the fresh spring air a little more than usual when you can finally access it.

Cuddle and kiss the one you love

Quarantining can be particularly challenging if you are forced to do it alone. Even if you are lucky enough to be hunkering down in the same location as your spouse or significant other, you still should be following the 6-foot guidelines and refraining from interpersonal contact, especially kissing. When this is all said and done, you can finally throw caution to the wind and show your partner how much you care for them.


After months in isolation, you may find yourself with a hankering to get out and see the rest of the world. This is perfectly natural, and you should take advantage when you once again have the ability to go places. If you are one of the many people who had to cancel a trip, then you have plenty of airline credit to use.

Eat out with friends

For the sake of the community, one of your first acts post-coronavirus should be patronizing the local restaurants adversely affected by the lockdown. The restaurants will appreciate your business, and you will appreciate the opportunity to share a meal with your friends in real life, as opposed to virtually via Zoom.

Drink a cup of coffee slowly in a coffee shop

When you get back out into the real world, you should spend some time reflecting on the society you live in. In a bygone era, this is the kind of exercise you might have been tempted to stay at home and do, but now you should be more appreciative of the public spaces you can make use of at your leisure.

Camp with the whole family

Ideally, the lockdown will end just in time for the summer. That gives you the perfect opportunity to spend some time with your family in the environment that you’ve been deprived of: the Great Outdoors. After so many months cooped up inside, you will find braving the elements to have a special appeal this year.

Go for a jog in the park

With gyms closed and exercise opportunities limited, it is likely that most people will be leaving isolation in poor physical condition. When you are finally granted free roam once again, you should get to work on getting back into shape. There’s no better place to do this than the local park, which you can think of as nature’s treadmill.

Throw an outdoor party

Your first instinct upon leaving quarantine might be to throw a big party in an attempt to get all your friends together in one place. On the other hand, putting everybody you know into one confined space probably won’t help your burgeoning claustrophobia. This problem is easily solved by turning your house party into a garden or block party.

Buy something you want

In uncertain times, it makes sense to be fiscally responsible, only spending money on things you absolutely need. Once the coronavirus has been eliminated, however, you can reward your own frugality by indulging yourself a little. You deserve it for playing your part in flattening the curve.

Relax with a NAIPO massager

In the first few days or even weeks of being let outside, you are sure to be full of frenetic energy. After all the inactivity, your body won’t be used to this movement, and you might find nascent aches and pains confining you to your home yet again. Using a NAIPO massager will help you relax and treat any soreness, allowing you to go back out and live the life of your dreams.

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