You may have heard of “Feng Shui” (pronounced “Fung Schway”) before. But, there’s much more to this spiritually uplifting movement than you might think. It goes far beyond the concept of just physical change. The idea behind Feng Shui is bringing balance and serenity to oneself by altering certain objects in our living and work spaces. However, the heart of Feng Shui has always been deeply rooted in the flow of energy that surrounds us. This energy is called “Chi” (pronounced “Chee”) and is considered the life force that controls all of our positive and negative reactions. Like any river or stream, the flow of “chi” within our interior spaces can be unknowingly blocked by the imbalance of Feng Shui. In order to realign our home or work space, experts say that you must allow “chi” to gently flow in through your door and out through your window.

Interestingly enough, the term “Feng Shui” is directly translated as “wind and water.” Both of these elements are used to illustrate the flow of “chi” that exists within Feng Shui. Other elements such as fire, earth, metal and wood can be interpreted as shapes and colors within our home and office space. Ideally, our chosen environments will contain the necessary elemental influences in order for us to find the balance we desire. It’s up to us to determine which elements are best suited for our spiritual aspirations and where they should be placed in our homes.

bagua chart feng shui life improvement

A guide, known as “The Bagua” (pronounced “Bagg Wah”), is essential to determining how each elemental influence can affect our lives for the better. The traditional “bagua” chart displays 9 different areas of life improvement – Power, Fame, Love, Creativity, Compassion, Career, Knowledge, Family and Well-Being. Each area depicts the elemental symbols and colors that can be used to enhance the Feng Shui in your home. Since most personal spaces tend to vary in size and structure, there’s no definitive right or wrong method to introducing positive energy into your life. That said, here are some basic tips that can help get you started!

  • Remove Clutter – Easier said than done. The fact is, removing excess clutter in your home can help alleviate anxiety. We may not view cleaning as a therapeutic technique, but less is more in this case.
  • Open Your Home – By introducing natural light and fresh air into your home, you’re allowing “chi” to flow freely through your windows and doors. This is essential to credible and stable Feng Shui.
  • Be Mindful – At the end of the day, it’s always on you to respect the energy you create. Remember, the essence of “chi” is how our environment affects us. So, make sure to keep the energy in your home alive and well.

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The point of Feng Shui isn’t about beautifying your home with the latest Chinese trends. Aligning your “chi” isn’t as easy as getting your back massaged and aligned. It takes commitment to fully understanding how to balance your physical space with your spiritual self. Remember, your energy is powerful so make sure you use it wisely.