Traditions get handed down from generation to generation, but that doesn’t mean our healthy habits need to be just as ancient. Lately, there’s been an evolution in healthcare principles created by our next generation; the Millennials. Their use of technology and community has undeniably enhanced human health and development for the better. From fitness apps to communal forums, their influence can be felt worldwide. So, let’s explore how Millennials are putting a modern twist on age-old habits.

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Another World Inside Technology

It’s no secret that technology has become the lifeblood of Millennials. Yet, somehow most Millennials are able to stay active despite their virtual distractions. The key is community. By using apps like Fitbit and Fuel Band, they’re able to set and track realistic fitness goals while simultaneously communicating their success with others. However, the value of their community isn’t competition. It’s their ability to receive continuous encouragement from others pursuing the exact same goals and aspirations.

At the same time, technology is also only limited by the imagination. So, if Millennials need additional support within an app, the brand is usually able to accommodate their users by issuing updates periodically. Which means, Millennials are continually improving fitness apps without even knowing it. Technology plays its own important role, however the communal environment is much more powerful than the apps themselves.

Spartan Race Millennials Health Advantages

Thinking Outside the Box

If you haven’t heard yet, the gym is old news to Millennials. To them, the idea of working out alongside muscle hamsters for $24.99/month just doesn’t appeal to their crowd anymore. Instead, Millennials tend to view their own health holistically which means they attempt to find balance between both body and mind. It is believed that, by challenging each bodily function equally, you’ll ultimately lead a healthier and happier life.

One activity that tests both brain and muscles is the Spartan Race series. In this obstacle course race, participants are pushed to sprint 3 to 5 miles through 20 to 23 set barriers in their way. The point of this particular race is stamina. Even the best athletes can find themselves easily winded and unable to complete certain obstacles. Which, makes this the perfect outing for Millennials looking for cheap thrills.

Another favorite among Millennials is hiking. It’s free, active and you can take your friends which makes it the ideal activity. For them, it’s all about keeping the body moving and exploring their countryside outside city limits. They also value the happiness it provides, which can be tied back to their holistic health mentality. In the end, the accomplishment of tackling mountains and trails with friends is its own reward.

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Millennials are breaking the mold when it comes to health and wellness by challenging the status quo. As the future generation, they’re retelling the story of how we should take care of ourselves. The true reason behind their healthier habits may lie within their technology. But, it’s the community within that pushes them forward. So, what can we learn from this new generation of fitness? As humans, we should learn to keep technology close, but our communities closer.