Summer might be winding down, but the sun is still working overtime. The intense heat can zap your energy, leaving you sweating without really doing anything. To some, the idea of exercising in such weather is unfathomable. Not to mention, it can be dangerous if you’re not careful about keeping yourself hydrated. So, how do we keep ourselves active despite the rise in temperature? Let’s look into some alternative methods of beating the heat this summer.

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In-home Workouts

You don’t always need a gym to get the workout you’re looking for. In fact, exercises like resistance training can be done in your home, or even in a shady park or backyard. All you need is the necessary space to ensure safety and range of motion. However, the most popular and powerful in-home remedy for keeping active is yoga. Just 60 minutes of yoga twice a week can improve your flexibility, posture and help build strength. It can also improve your health by reducing stress and anxiety. If you’re a beginner, there are plenty of helpful yoga sessions online for free. Plus, if all else fails, you can always deep clean your house to get the best of both worlds.

Indoor Swimming Pools

If you’re lucky enough to have an indoor pool nearby, don’t waste it. Swimming indoors can be incredibly refreshing on hot, summer days but it can also be a valuable source of exercise. Even when you’re just having fun in the water, you’re unknowingly burning calories. So, you can only imagine what happens when you fully commit yourself to using swimming as a workout routine. Fortunately, most indoor swimming facilities offer water aerobics classes that incorporate weights and floating devices to help you burn even more calories. In addition, regular swimming sessions can help build strength and reduce the risk of heart disease. However, the best part of swimming indoors is the ability to keep your routine all-season long.

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Barre Dance Classes

The beauty of this method is anyone can do it. Okay, some better than others. But, the point is, we’ve all danced once or twice in our lifetime. Do you remember how tired you were afterwards? Well, dancing can be one of the best forms of exercise for you. It helps tone muscles and keeps your entire body active. If you’re looking to break into the world of dance, we would recommend joining a class to help get you started. Barre, a ballet-inspired dance movement, is perfect for anyone who wants variety in their two-step workout. The Barre combines aspects of yoga, pilates and weight training into one tremendously challenging workout routine. But, remember, at least you’ll be indoors.

It’s easy for us to fall victim to weather reports, but we should always remember that we have options when it comes to exercising. Staying active indoors is as simple as yoga in the living room or dance classes with friends. It just takes some imagination and will power. So, don’t let yourself become a couch potato when things get hot this summer.