One of the most popular and enjoyable activities people enjoy is a massage. Many of the people who get massaged simply do it because it feels good. But did you know that a massage also has a surprising number of health benefits? In fact a massage is more than just feeling good. Here are the 4 best ways a massage can improve your health:

1. Relieves Lower and Upper Back Pain

back pain massage If you’ve ever experienced pain from lifting something heavy, or thrown your back out from a sudden movement or a fall, you might want to look into getting a massage to treat your lower back woes. Often when we injure our lower back the muscles become inflamed and spasm. Regular massage of these problematic areas increases blood flow and circulation which helps these muscles to recover faster. But massage doesn’t just help the lower back; it can also remedy the upper back. Often when we overuse a muscle through repetitive motion or through deconditioning, our physical wellbeing can suffer. Massage helps to decrease tension when we overuse our muscles in our upper back. With a regular massage, we can improve flexibility and reduce muscle tightness to return our range of motion.

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2. Stress Relief

coachfederation.orgEveryone gets stressed out. From giving a speech, to handling an emergency, to dealing with our in-laws, stress is a fact of life. Too much stress can eventually lead to significant health problems such as depression, low testosterone, poor sleep, and bad health. In order to better control our stress levels, a regular massage is vital. Every time you get a massage, your brain releases serotonin which makes you feel good and calms you down. By getting regularly massaged, physical and psychological levels of stress drastically go down, which in turn positively affects mood, sleep, sex drive, and fatigue levels.

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3. Improve Posture

While we all have intentions to maintain a good posture, sometimes we find ourselves slouching or hunched up, especially if we’ve been sitting in front of our desks all day. Poor posture doesn’t just make us look unattractive, it has other negative effects such as causing other muscles to work harder, adds pressure to internal organs which affects our digestive systems, hinders breathing and circulation, and also causes neck and back pain. Thankfully a massage loosens and relaxes muscles and joints which in turn allows the body to realign itself so our posture and health don’t suffer. Massage is ideal for office workers, students, or those that spend all day sitting down.

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4. Treat Fibromyalgia Syndrome

massage treat solve fibromyalgia

For those with Fibromyalgia Syndrome, massage will offer relief and respite. Fibromyalgia is characterized by muscle and joint pain and fatigue. It is also coupled with other symptoms that include anxiety, depression, extreme fatigue, chronic headaches, and greater sensitivity to pain. While there is no universally effective treatment, massage is commonly used by those with Fibromyalgia. Those with this syndrome that get massaged find that it helps to reduce pain, decrease anxiety, decrease fatigue, improve quality and quantity of sleep, improve health, and improve quality of life.

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No matter why you choose to get a massage, know that a regular massage is more than just feeling good. From pain and stress relief, to improved posture and wellbeing, massage is a fantastic method for better health.

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