In your work place do you have a manager that is unable to calm down? How about a stressed out employee? A high tension office can bring a lot of stress and anxiety to everyone; however work doesn’t have to be this way. By introducing massage treatments to the work place, you can improve employee health and happiness, as well as make working conditions better than ever before. Here are 5 reasons why you need a regular massage in the workplace.

Stress Relief

The most essential reason to introduce massage to the workplace is the stress relief it brings. In a high flying stressful workplace where everyone has elevated cortisol levels, massage will relax and de-stress employees by boosting serotonin levels – the chemical that makes us feel GOOD. When our brains produce enough serotonin, we feel good and our stress goes down.

Headache Relief

stress relief at the officeWhether it’s poor neck posture from sitting at your desk all day, or not hydrating enough, headaches regularly plague office workers resulting in a loss of productivity and unhealthy staff. While over-the-counter medicine typically does the trick, people with frequent headaches often look for alternative methods of care. A massage improves blood flow to the affected area which in turn can reduce the severity or even stop a daily headache. So if you suffer from headaches, regular massages are the way to go.

Sleep Aid

If you’ve heard about the benefits of a midday power nap but find that you are unable to sleep at your desk, then you might want to try again after receiving a massage. Regular massage improves sleep quality and aids in getting to sleep. When employees are well rested they can better concentrate on tasks and avoid errors and mistakes. By introducing massage to the workplace, everyone gets the benefits of a massage but also the rejuvenating effects of sleep too.

sleep-well-with massage therapy benefits

Improved Morale

improve morale at work with massage

A stressful work environment, poor conditions, or low job satisfaction among other things can lower employee morale. However, both the feel good effects and the health benefits of a massage have a positive effect on employee morale. Massage has been found to reduce absenteeism in employees as employee sense of well-being and happiness increase. This also positively affects employee health and productivity.

 Relieves Neck and Back Pain

Just like how poor posture at the computer can lead to headache, it can also lead to neck and back pain. Even if it’s not poor posture, simply sitting down all day does damage. Thankfully through massage and to some useful stretches to kill the lower back pain, back and neck tension can be reduced by more than half.

No matter if your company hires a professional masseuse to come in once a week or you invest in portable massage pillows and accessories, there are a number of benefits of massage in the work place. So next time you’re feeling stressed, unmotivated, or unwell, get a massage and watch as your energy and health improve.