Did you ever have that one aunt or uncle that swore their pain was the only thing in the world that told the truth? If aunt’s back started to hurt in the winter, it meant it was too cold to go to school. Or if uncle’s bones started to ache, it meant winter is coming. Now we know, these are just myths. Here are 5 Myths About Back Pain and Cold Weather.

1 – Cold Weather Makes Back Pain Worse

outside in the cold winter

This is not true. There is no scientific evidence that supports this idea. Temperature changes do not make an actual condition worse, and it also does not develop a new condition. If you have back pain when it gets colder, it means there is a more serious problem that causes the pain – not the weather itself.

2 – If I Move Somewhere Warm, the Back Pain Will Go Away

warm weather, no back pain

If you’ve always believed that the aches and pains in your back and bones were connected to the cold weather, this myth is a hard pill to swallow. Moving somewhere warm doesn’t help with back pain. Moving to somewhere like the Bahamas might initially help, but our bodies quickly adjust to the climate we live in. So if you go on holiday to an exotic island and your back feels much better, this relief is only temporary. Stay too long and the back pain will come return.

If warmth brings relief to your back, a great solution is a back massager with built-in heat function. Naipo’s Full Back Chair Massager delivers an unparalleled Shiatsu massage to the neck, lower back, and hips and upper legs. The built-in heat function is able to provide relief to a stiff, painful back.

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3 – Because of Back Pain, I Shouldn’t Exercise

lower back targeting stretch

This myth makes sense. When you are suffering severe pain on your body, exercise can make that pain worse. But – exercise for certain parts of the body is extremely important to alleviate the pain. This is especially true of the back. Use it or lose it. 

If you don’t stretch or exercise your back a few times a week, it will lose the strength necessary to provide a straight posture and pain-free movement in the body. Exercise is the best way to help with your sciatica. Read our previous article on some of the best stretches for sciatica.

4 – My Shoulder Pain is Not Related to My Back Pain

shoulder pain caused by back pain

Because the shoulders and back are so far apart, it might seem that pain in the two places is unrelated. That is not true. Shoulder pain can be a result of poor posture, lack of exercise, scoliosis or sciatica.

If your shoulders hurt, chances are your back is causing the pain. Many times a massage will help to fix the problem. Apply some heat to where it hurts, as this will loosen the muscles. A cordless shoulder massager like this one on Amazon is all you need.

As said earlier, posture can be one of the reasons for back pain or shoulder pain. Read this article to learn a few easy ways to correct your posture.

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5 – Spinal Problems Only Affect the Back

foot pain caused by back pain

It is easy to believe that any pain in the back or upper body is pain that only happens in the upper body. Unfortunately, that is a myth. Your back pain, sciatica, or poor posture can cause problems all over your body. Nerve pain in your feet can be because of your back!

This is the #1 reason why many people get orthotics. Warm up your feet in the winter and give them some relief with Naipo’s Electric Foot Massager with Heat.

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