In order to have a productive day, it is important that the day starts on the right note. The entire tone of each day is established by the first couple hours we are awake. Unfortunately, we are often groggy in those early hours, unable to think straight and do the sort of things that would set the right tempo. Sometimes, we forego those early morning hours altogether by sleeping in late and rushing off to the office without first finding your bearings. To truly be successful, you should follow these steps to happier and healthier days.

Drink a glass of water

The first thing most people do when they wake up in the morning is drink coffee. Drinking coffee is fine if you have to, but it is much better to begin your day with a big glass of water. Water will kickstart your metabolism and remove any toxins that may be lingering in your body from the night before. Perhaps most importantly, it reduces your risk of dehydration, and the lack of energy that comes with it, throughout the day.


People usually think of meditation as something to do to clear their minds before bed. However, meditating first thing in the morning comes with several distinct benefits. For one, if you are looking down the barrel of a difficult day, meditation will preemptively dissipate any oncoming stress. It also has a physical effect on your nervous system, releasing endorphins that most people rely on caffeine to activate.

Take a shower

Although it may be tempting to shower the night before, those who do so end up sacrificing the feeling of renewal that comes with a morning shower. There is no better time to brace yourself for the challenges in the day ahead. As an added bonus, your skin is never better than after you wash it, so showering in the morning prepares you physically to interact with those around you.

Eat breakfast

Surely you’ve heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. If you don’t eat breakfast, you will end up going off to work hungry as your body searches for the blood sugar it needs to keep your brain and muscles in order. In other words, your entire morning will be shot if you leave the house hungry. Perhaps what’s worse is that when you do get around to eating, you will likely gorge yourself, leading to an unpleasant and uneasy afternoon. To avoid all these problems, balance out your food intake by starting off with a simple breakfast meal.

Use a NAIPO massager

Using a NAIPO massager first thing in the morning is perhaps the least intuitive item on this list, and it is probably the one you are least likely to already be doing. That makes it a great opportunity to improve your day. A morning massage will loosen your muscles and get your blood flowing in such a way that dispels sleepiness and gives your energy a boost. Furthermore, it relieves all the aches and pains that many people wake up with. Give it a shot: NAIPO’s massagers are crafted with your well-being in mind.