A simple rub down can stimulate your marriage in ways you haven’t before.

Think about it. When someone goes to a massage parlor, they choose a place that is comfortable and has experienced (or at least we believe they are) masseuses. These are important factors if you  want to come out feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, and refreshed.

The person and environment matter. ESPECIALLY when you are trusting your body to be handled by someone else. When you think about it, your spouse is the perfect person to give you a massage. So why not make your relationship a bit deeper? Even if everything is rainbows and rosewater for you two, occasional massages can have profound and long-lasting effects on your connection.

Massage deepens your trust for each other

A couple zoned into each other's presence.As mentioned earlier, people seek professionals whom are knowledgeable and experienced enough to listen to your body. Though you do not expect your spouse to become an overnight certified practitioner, it is realistic to want them to respond to your

Trust sets the foundation for any romantic relationship. When you give yourself to your partner, there is a tacit understanding that he or she will try their best to make you feel good. To relieve the stress and tension built up in your shoulders and neck. With each gentle or firm hand stroke, you soften. Your body willingly surrenders to their hands and vice versa, creating a beautiful moment to communicate. All without words. (A little direction never hurts!).

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It also communicates in every love language

If you haven’t read The Five Love Languages by Dr. Gary Chapman, you should. In brief, the author believes every person feels loved and appreciated in one of five primary ways:

  • Words of Appreciation
  • Acts of Service
  • Receiving Gifts
  • Quality Time
  • Physical Touch

No matter what your “primary love language” is, massage requires a sense of giving, tenderness, and appreciation that are found in all five languages.

A wife happily giving her husband a massage which he clearly enjoys.

Massages can send your intimacy flying

In today’s world, there are many married couples who have lost their spark. Some people mistake sex to be the way to reignite things, but there are other forms of physical contact to regain that closeness.

When giving each other massages, care and intention is at the forefront. This is not a space for the ego. Rather, it is an opportunity to venture into each other’s personal spaces while retaining a sense of security. Everything from your touch, breath, and tone of voice can naturally align with your spouse’s, creating a rhythmic connection that is only meant for you two.

Marriage has its ups and downs. Use massage to bring it up again.

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