One of the best ways to cool down and have fun when growing up on hot summer afternoons was to have a water balloon fight. There was nothing better than being together with your all your friends, armed with fast loading water pistols and exploding water balloons. Those wet adventures aren’t only for children; adults can also enjoy the fun and at the same time feel happier and healthier. Here’s how:


The location you pick can decide the entire game. Here are a few suggestions if you’re looking to host a wild water fight but find that your garden or yard is too small.

  • Park
  • Farm
  • Forest
  • Beach
  • College campus

No matter what you choose, it helps if there are a few things to make the playing field more memorable. Here are some suggestions:

  • A place with areas you can use as a “base” (e.g. picnic tables, a big tree, a landmark)
  • Somewhere with a hill
  • A place with shade (it can be really hot and you don’t want to get burned!)
  • Many trees (to act as defence)

Girl Wet Pretty Glasses Woman Water Rifle Gun


Of course you need friends to play with. And if you announce you’re hosting a water fight, we guarantee there will be stacks of friends who are young at heart and are interested in breaking free of the monotony of their routine. As for how many friends to invite, it depends. A small event in a yard may have to remain an intimate affair with 4 – 8 people. On the other hand, a water fight at a park or on campus could have as many as 32 people or more. For a cultural festival like Songkran in Thailand which is also known as a water festival, hundreds or even thousands participate and splash water on each other. Wow! Imagine having that many people playing at once.

Thailand Water Pistol Festival Celebration
Songkran Water Festival


Anything less than 80°F or even 85°F is just inviting the chance of catching a cold. Remember, no one wants to stand around in wet clothes if the weather isn’t warm enough. On the other hand, if it’s too hot, then it might not be the best idea. We want you to have a fun and safe summer, not one where you put yourself at risk of developing heat stroke.


To have a seriously good time you are going to need water. A lot of water. And you will need a way to get water around. Let us introduce two of our best friends:

  • A water gun / water pistol
  • A water balloon (or water bomb)

In addition to your trusty arsenal, which can be purchased online, at supermarkets, or at most popular toy stores, you will need a place to store your water bombs which will be the weapon of choice for most people. You have two options if you want to keep your pre-made water arsenal safe and secure – in a cooler or in a blow up swimming pool.

Party Outdoors Memories Water Fight Match

Game Ideas

There are stacks of game types you can play with friends and water balloons. Here our are three favorites:

  • Traditional Water Fight
    Two teams duke it out and get wet!
  • King of the Hill
    One team controls a location and defends it from another
  • Water Balloon Dodge Ball
    Similar to traditional dodge ball except with water balloons


We cannot promise you’ll be able to stage a water balloon fight that has more participants than the Guinness World Records recognized water balloon fight at Kentucky University, but we can guarantee you will have a lot of fun!