Drinking water is something that all human beings do. However some of us just don’t drink enough. If you’re in need of some motivation to drink water instead of a coke, here are 7 ways water benefits you.

 1. Look Better

Want to look better? Then drink water. Lots of it. Regularly drinking water improves our skin tone and texture as it helps our skin cells to develop properly. Water also helps to flush out toxins which are what leads to blocked pores. Finally for that glowing finish, water helps to reduce the risk of pimples – that’s a big win if you typically spend lots of money on beauty products.

2. Keeps Bodies Balanced and Running

We learn at a young age that the body is made of 60% water. All that water doesn’t sit idly in our bodies; it serves a number of important functions. These include temperature regulation, nutrient transportation, blood circulation, saliva creation, digestion, and absorption. In order to keep things balanced and operational, we need water.

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 3. Improves Cognition

If you’re looking for that magic pill or tool to boost your productivity, we have the secret trick you don’t always hear about: drink water. When we are dehydrated, our cognition decreases. It isn’t specific to serious dehydration; even a mild amount will cause us to not perform at our peak level. A glass of water can also help us stay awake by keeping our fluids up – something we could all use during an afternoon slump.

 4. Reduces Joint Pain

We won’t all stay young forever, and getting older comes with many costs. One of them is that our joints start to hurt. Whether it’s a clicky side, tense knuckles, or knees that can’t take the load, important joints begin to suffer through wear and tear. Drinking water helps to lessen joint pain as it keeps the cartilage hydrated and soft. It might not be as effective as pain relief medication, but it does offer a natural way of dealing with it.

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5. Assists Exercise Performance

If you are trying to break any PBs at the gym or the track, you need to stay hydrated beforehand. Why? Well when we sweat, we lose water. This affects how the body operates, including our muscles. And when our muscles get tired, we can’t perform at our peak. There isn’t conclusive evidence yet, but drinking water may even reduce muscle cramps. Regardless of what sport or exercise you will do, drinking plenty of water before, during, and afterwards is a sure fire way to go, go, and go.

6. Weight Management

Sometimes we eat an hour before only to suddenly feel hungry. If you ate a nutritious meal but still feels those hunger pangs, it’s probably thirst. By pouring a glass of water when feeling hungry – instead of opening a packet of chips– you will have greater control of your weight. Keeping hydrated also helps us to avoid that puffy bloated look – a result of your body retaining water because you haven’t been drinking enough.

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 7. Helps With A Hangover

But the biggest reason is that it helps recover while hungover. Now who doesn’t need that after a night of partying?