Natural sounds. Relaxing. Calming. These are just a few words that come to mind when you think of the background music in spas. Did you think that was a coincidence? It most certainly is not. When music and massage are carefully paired together, it can create an incredible healing effect.

What makes the massage-music combination so special?

See how deeply you can relax for your next massage.Massage is a physically intimate practice that relieves your body of tension and stress. The variety of strokes, along with circular and pulsating motions, serve to transport where the body is to where it should be—stretched, flexible, and relaxed. For centuries, we have learned the many restorative and sensual properties that come with massage. It has not been until recently, however, that the medical community took a closer look at the ways music amplifies those properties.

Music heals the soul.

Science has a lot to say about music. One thing is certain though: it can improve your mood and emotion.

Think about your favorite song. What is the first image that popped in your head when you thought of it? Did you hear the melody? How did that make you feel? Chances are, your mind travelled to a different place and time that triggered you to feel a certain way. With all the songs you have heard throughout your life, it is likely that you have experienced many emotions that physical experiences cannot provide.

Listening to music during massages can unleash a wave of deep benefits.

Music goes beyond the physical.

Dr. Linda Gertrude Means of Pennsylvania’s PeaceHope Healing Arts stated “Because we are made of energy, everything in our organism is in constant vibration, and the vibrational pattern determines our experience of health and wellness.  The vibratory effects of listening to music influence our energy patterns through the phenomenon of resonance.” In terms of energy, resonance simply means when the vibrational frequency of one energy source changes to match the frequency of another. Sounds a bit like falling in love, doesn’t it?

What makes this matchup so intense is how it changes the way we experience touch and sound. Music is something that we hear almost all the time. A good massage therapist, especially one who is in tune with you and their music library, can deliver those sounds through physical contact. The coordination between both elements can put you in a trance, and help to zone out all distractions and frustrations.

Music and massage are different sides of healing and recovery. The next time you do a spa at home or see a message therapist, consider the compound effects you can receive by adding music to the mix.

Heal the body and soul with calm background sounds during your next massage.