Despite our best efforts, it sometimes feels like the food we consume somehow consumes us. We make our attempts to eat healthier, but we always seem to get drawn back into our old habits. Let’s face it, we like what we like. No one has ever been thrilled by the idea of steamed broccoli and rice. There’s nothing to get thrilled about. It tastes bland and looks even worse. But, what if we could have our cake and eat it too? All it takes is a little creativity and determination. So, here’s a few techniques to help get you started on living healthier.

group eating healthy restaurant indulge balanced diet

Don’t Tell Yourself No

It may seem contradictive to say, but eat what you want. Just make sure you’re eating smaller quantities of the foods you love. It’s hard for anyone to go cold turkey, which is probably why other diets haven’t worked. Don’t let yourself dwell on what you can’t have because, eventually, you’ll indulge yourself more than you normally would. It’s been said before that YOU can be your own worst enemy. So, allow yourself to taste the forbidden fruits; just keep it to a sensible minimum.

Balance Your Diet

The biggest challenge with any new diet is eating out. Unlike most homemade meals, your food options are usually plentiful at restaurants. Again, don’t be afraid to order what you want as long as you keep it reasonable. One meal doesn’t make or break your new diet. If you eat something heavier like steak, just make sure to balance it out with something lighter like a salad. It’s as easy as that. If you start calorie counting, you’ll always be hungry and never satisfied with the results. All diets are about balancing what you consume and ensuring you don’t over indulge.

zucchini spiralizer healthy eating creative food options

Keep It Creative

Boring and dull is never easy to swallow. In this case, we mean it literally. Just because you choose to eat healthy doesn’t mean you need to surrender yourself to mundane meal options. Instead of steaming your veggies, you can try sautéing or baking them by adding olive oil and garlic for a crispier texture. Using this method will not only enhance even the simplest of meals, but also convince you that “taste” doesn’t always need to take a backseat to “healthy.”

Your preferred methods of cooking should always be challenged. Similarly, this extends into the type of tools we use in our kitchens. Break out the knives you never use or experiment with new tools to create excitement around your meal. For example, buy a “spiralizer” and make zucchini noodles as a substitute for starchy pasta noodles. You’ll never taste the difference, plus you’ll be choosing the healthier alternative. Remember, you can always do something new and original with your cooking style.

Just like that, you’re already on your way to better choices and healthier living. The journey is always ongoing, but you’ll eventually find that healthy eating feels good and is good for you. It just takes time and a little willpower to keep yourself committed to your new lifestyle.