We recently took part in the Bubble Run hosted in our hometown, Shenzhen. It was March 26th. The skies were clear (which doesn’t happen often!), and it was time to have some fun!

We invited our friends and family to Shenzhen University’s Game Center, the Bubble Run’s venue, to run,  laugh, and throw foam together. Hundreds of people came together throughout the Guangdong province to take part in the activity, creating an exciting vibe throughout the crowd.

The Bubble Run is well known outside of China. In the United States, there are many events that take place in several cities throughout the year. We were so excited to take part in the Bubble Run this year because it was the first time it came to Shenzhen. To see if an event is coming to a city near you, click here!

So what happened?

The route itself was welcoming and invigorating. At the beginning, the facilitators let 200 to 300 people start at a time, giving each group enough space to stroll at their own pace and take in the regular dousing of bubbles. Each kilometer unleashed a new color of bubbles for us to run though, making each checkpoint more fun than the last.

To some, the event may seem silly. Even though it is referred to as a 5k, it is not a race. There were no timers, and the tense atmosphere you usually feel at a marathon was absent. Instead, you had people of all ages congregating to simply be happy.

Simply Happy.

The theme showed itself everywhere we turned. From the volunteers preparing participants to run into huge clouds of colorful bubbles to the smiling children clinging to their parents as they reached to touch the different colors. The light-hearted nature of the event touched everyone, including us.

Attending the Bubble Run reminded us how important it is to do something silly, to do it with friends, and to do it for yourself. It is easier to let your personality shine through when there is nothing holding you back.

Why did we go?

At Naipo, we strive to become the examples we wish to see in the world. It is about more than selling massagers. It is understanding the freedom that comes with happiness, sustainable health, and wellbeing. And we know this is not something you can achieve by sitting in an office all day! So we got out, did the Bubble Run, and had an amazing time.
Have you ever done the Bubble Run? If so, tell us about your experience in the comments section below.