Finding ways to be happy is one of the biggest challenges of our time. Sometimes the thought of being happy can seem like a castle in the sky: appealing but evanescent. If we want to live enjoyable lives, it is incumbent upon us to always look for new ways to increase our happiness. At NAIPO, we are doing our part to help coming up with suggestions. As a supplement to our blog post on the topic last month, here are a few more ideas.

Start by taking a bath. This time-tested remedy for unease has been in use for generations. You can make the warm water even more soothing by adding substances like epsom salts or essential oils, as well as by creating a relaxing environment by lighting a candle or playing music. A nice soak may not eliminate all your problems, but it is very likely to put you in a better mood when it does come time to face them head on.

On the Internet, you will often see people embarking on challenges that set ambitious goals like reading 100 books in a year. While being well-read is admirable, reading at such a breakneck pace is more apt to make you stressed than happy. Instead of being treated like a chore or homework, a good book should be savored. Read slowly, and marinate in the milieu conjured up by the author. To truly submerge yourself, you should limit breaks. Therefore, don’t forget to make yourself a cup of hot coffee or tea beforehand.

As tempting as it can be to simply eat out or have food delivered, there are definite benefits that come from having a well-stocked fridge. For one, you are bound to eat healthier. Even beyond that, surrounding yourself with fresh food will make you cheerier and give you more energy throughout the day. Whenever you need a pick-me-up, go to the local grocery store and resupply yourself with your favorite fruits and vegetables.

On one hand, the technology that exists today makes it easier than ever before in history to keep in touch with friends. On the other hand, the reality of modern economics leads to us being more physically isolated, not to mention busier with our own heavy loads of commitments. Do your best to stay in touch with old pals, setting aside time for long conversations in which you can catch up and share the happy moments in your recent life.

A small but lasting way to increase your happiness is to fill your room with your favorite fragrance. Although this act does not take very long, it has the potential to make you smile for days on end. For at least a week, you will be hit with traces of the lovely aroma every time you walk into the room.

If all else fails, a surefire way to make you happy is to turn to the comforting nodes of a NAIPO massager. NAIPO has many different models that target various parts of the body, but without fail they all work to raise your spirits and dispel depression and anxiety. NAIPO massagers are especially effective at helping you relax when you are exhausted after a long and stressful day.

Be Happy