This article focuses on two main topics, first the importance of face massage and second the release of NAIPO latest massager. The human face is made of 43 muscles. The seventh cranial nerve (also known as facial nerve) controls most of these muscles. These muscles are responsible for our facial expressions, by contracting or expanding them, we are transmitting a packet of information that can be received, read and interpreted by others. At the same time on the face are present several lymph nodes around the ears and then down the neck. But unlike the circulatory system, the lymphatic system does not have a pump. It relies on us physically moving like exercise, yoga and physically manipulating (targeted lymphatic drainage) it to circulate.

Let’s explain why you should get a face massage:

  1. Improves texture of the skin.
  2. Relaxes muscle tension in the face.
  3. Aids in lymphatic drainage.
  4. It helps remove dead skin cells.

Rethinking Face Massage

Designers and health specialists worked for a long time to produce an effective and innovative face massager. They tested several prototypes on thousands of different faces. NAIPO conducted several surveys to understand the necessary features for a face massager. Now NAIPO is ready to present the latest and most innovative massager, Ohface the best face massager on the market. Its ergonomic design provides maximum comfort during each session. It is made of silicone gel, which makes it suitable for every type of face. The recommended usage time is four hours per day, and after one month you will notice a surprising rejuvenating effect. Previous tests have shown that Ohface has substantial antiaging power.

The main technical features are:

1. 20 massaging micro nodes relax the main facial muscles lowering cortisol levels;

2. Heat therapy regenerates pores and stimulates collagen production;

3. Electromagnetic pulse tone up your face;

4. Happy April Fool’s Day!

If you are considering to get a face massage go to a professional masseur. NAIPO will take care of the rest of your body. You can choose from a wide range of massagers such as oCuddle™ . Do not buy cheap massagers which might endanger your health. Buying NAIPO massagers means high-quality products. Our mission is to research and develop the best products possible, to make your lives more comfortable and healthier but without making impossible promises. Because credibility, reliability, and customer satisfaction are three fundamental pillars for NAIPO, something that cannot be traded just for mere profit.