The moment we take the first step into a healthier lifestyle, we feel inspired. The concept of change will always get our hearts racing. But, it’s the days, weeks and months following our commitment to change that can be the hardest for us. We develop self-doubt and begin to question or bargain with ourselves about what we truly want. We continually find that our own selfish desires are the greatest obstacle we overcome in this journey. Yet, there are ways to manage these feelings of uncertainty into meaningful alternatives that can keep you committed to your goals. It all starts with a few questions…

First of all, why are you making this change? What originally motivated you? Whatever your purpose, keep reminding yourself. Write it down, make it into a mantra. When you feel yourself being tested on your commitment, just say it over and over again. The fact is, our goals can only be accomplished with driven purpose. So, keep reminding yourself that you made these lifestyle changes for a reason. Sometimes, all we need is a helpful push in the right direction to keep us from making the mistakes we ultimately regret.

setting schedule preparation new habits active lifestyle

Next, you need to set a new schedule for your new commitment. If you settle into your old routine, you will fail. You cannot actively set healthy goals and continue making unhealthy decisions. It just doesn’t makes sense. In order to stay true to your new lifestyle, you need structure. By setting a schedule for your health goals, you keep yourself honest. But, like anything new, establishing your routine takes time. In order to keep yourself on track, you should incorporate fun activities or leisure time into your day. Your new life can’t be all work and no play. If that’s the case, your routine won’t last long. Your day needs balance to make it work.

Another great method of keeping up with your healthy habits is preparation. This extends past making sure you stretch before you exercise. In terms of commitment, it can mean many different things to you and your health goals. If you’re trying to eat healthier, you can do “prep work” by preparing all your meals for your entire week. Or, if you’re trying to work out more, you can always make sure you have energy bars or protein shakes ready for action. It’ll keep your schedule packed, as well as your lunch box.

friend support positive encouragement keep committed

Finally, one of the best sources of support will always be your friends and family. The people that love you want to see you succeed. So, if you let them know about your healthy intentions, it’s inevitable that they’ll want to know about your progress. However, if you need an extra push in support, you can always turn to Social Media for a more involved audience. You’ll surprisingly find that most of your friends will be very supportive and provide useful tips on keeping your commitment going. Not to mention, keep you honest when you’re slacking.

In the end, only we can hold ourselves accountable. But, there are many ways to help us through the tougher moments we face. Just remember – old habits might die hard, but your new habits will live stronger.