Meditation is one of the best things you can do for your body. Health benefits of meditation are many, including relieving stress, lowering blood pressure, reduces anxiety, aids weight loss, improves sexual health, and even boosts health. So this year in 2018 – introduce something to help your mind and body – start meditating.

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Here are 8 reasons why you should start meditating in 2018. These are all scientifically proven – you can Google it later!

1 – Meditating boosts your health

strong healthy body

A research study conducted in 2011 showed that mindfulness meditation helped to decrease pain, among other benefits. More than just reducing pain, meditation also helps to increase immune function – making your body stronger and work harder against fighting bacteria and viruses.

Also, because meditation requires staying in one posture for an extended period of time – you guessed it – it helps to improve posture! So, if you have pain or stiffness in certain parts of the body, or if you sit in front of a computer all day for work, meditation will help to straighten your body into a more natural, comfortable position.

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2 – Meditation makes you happier

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There are numerous studies showing that mindfulness meditation creates positive emotion inside people who meditate regularly. This secret to happiness helps to fight symptoms of depression, anxiety, and in turn, reduces stress. By meditating, you can also better control emotions – so you can brush off daily annoyances that might make you sad or angry.

Meditation also teaches patience – sitting in one posture on the floor can make anyone want to reach for their cellphone or the television remote – but learning to be patient makes everyone all stronger and happier.

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3 – Meditation helps your self-control

control your cravings

Have a sweet tooth and can’t control it? Have a habit that you know you have to quit but can’t do it? Are you quick to anger or lose your temper? Try meditating! Not only does meditation help to regulate and control your emotions, but it also helps you to control the cravings in your life.

People who regularly meditate have been able to quit addictive habits like smoking and many more. Are you lacking the motivation to do something? Maybe eat healthier or go out and exercise? Start meditating today and your motivation will increase – and you might even start going yoga!

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4 – Makes your brain stronger

mindfulness mind training brain

As we get older, our brains undoubtedly will lose their touch. Memories here and there fade away, but most of all – we always forget where we put the keys or our cellphone! Isn’t that so annoying? Thankfully, meditation to help train the brain. Mindfulness meditation helps to increase grey matter in our brain, which means that you can fight illnesses like Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Meditation also targets the parts of our brains that are in charge of helping you focus. Focus is one of those things we are all missing – everything has gone digital and things move so fast, we don’t have time to concentrate! With meditation, you can!

5 – Improves your productivity

get more work done faster

Similar to the last fact, with meditation, you can focus better when taking on a task, and even pay close attention to what others are saying or doing. This helps to improve productivity, so you can do better at work, do better at school, and complete all the tasks you have to do each and every day.

Lastly, meditation is great for creativity! If you’re pursuing an artistic goal, or need to think out of the box for a project – the mindfulness and mind-clearing ability of meditation can help you be more creative.

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6 – It takes just minutes at a time

orange clock in just a few minutes

One of the myths about meditation is that you have to sit in a lotus position for at least an hour a day. Good news – that’s just not true. Meditation doesn’t require sitting in a lotus position. You can sit in a chair or stand – and that’s completely fine (just make sure to sit or stand with straight, proper posture).

And of course, you don’t need to meditate for an hour to feel its benefits. Just 10 minutes will be enough. You can do ten minutes in the morning, ten minutes at lunchtime, and ten minutes before you go to sleep. That’s all it takes!

7 – It’s good for your heart

strong heart working well

Did you know that high blood pressure is one of the biggest risk factors in getting a heart attack? Several randomized control studies have shown that people who meditate are able to lower their blood pressure. Amazing!

With the combination of meditation and massage, you can improve the blood flow in your body leading to a healthier life.

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8 – You can sleep better

deep sleep relaxation

A lack of sleep due to insomnia and other reasons is one of the biggest health risks in society today. Not enough rest decreases the strength of immune systems, increases stress, causes a loss of focus and creativity, and has many, many more negative risks.

Studies show that meditation is an excellent treatment to fight insomnia. Also, by meditating before going to sleep, it helps to have a more relaxed deep sleep.