It is important that we have a space in our homes to relax and unwind at the end of the day. Not only does it allow us to process the events of the day, but it helps to relieve stress, and bring peace of mind before sleep. Here’s how you can transform an empty space in your home into a relaxation retreat.

Choose A Spot

Finding the place to set up your relaxation corner should be the first thing you do. You typically have two options:

  • Section off a space in the corner of a room. You might need to place a wall divider for a sense of privacy and enclosure.
  • If you have a spare room (or your children have moved out), convert that empty space into a place just for you.

Pimping Your Space

Once you’ve selected a spot, it’s time to add some decorations and objects. This is entirely subjective and we recommend you add what you like best. That said, we have a number of suggestions to help guide you.


Candles provide a gentle, flickering glow. They also come in a range of scents to make your home and relaxation space smell fresh. As they engage both your visual and olfactory senses, you can turn off your brain and focus on the soft light or the soothing balms of a candle at the end of your day.

Plants & Flowers

For most people, spending the day inside an office keeps us away from nature. If you cannot go to nature after work, bring nature to you. Deck out your space with some plants or flowers. By adding some greenery to your tranquil zone, you can freshen the air for better breathing and better living.

Essential Oils

Similar to the properties of candles and plants, essential oils offer a few benefits. For example, essential oils help induce relaxation via floral scents such as rose or lavender. They can also help with breathing by purifying the air. If it’s not the air that needs refreshing, then it might be the carpet – essential oils can help deodorize it of unpleasant odors.

Water Feature

A small water feature can help with relaxation. You can try a goldfish in a bowl or a small bubbling stream. Both can help to relieve mental tension after a stressful day, while a bubbling water fountain can also help block out sounds so you can focus. And don’t forget, keep a small jug of water on hand to stay hydrated.

Smartphone Vintage Technology Music


Music has an unbelievable way of helping to change our emotional state – it’s why we use pump-up music when we exercise. For your relaxation retreat, select music that you think will complement the vibe you would like to create. That means saving the metal playlist for another day and opting for smooth or soothing music like ambient, new age, or world music. Besides, who doesn’t want the excuse to unironically enjoy Enya?

Relaxation or Meditation Cushions

When space is limited, or slumping in a couch doesn’t seem attractive, opt to use a relaxation cushion. Not only are they soft, but they are shaped to match the contours of your back for added support. Alternatively, meditation cushions are designed for those that want to get the proper support needed for meditation while still maintaining a sense of comfort.

Massage Pillows

For an instant way to calm down once you get to your relaxation space, consider a Naipo massage pillow. They can relieve stress and fatigue, while also targeting parts of our body that feel tight or cramped. The end result is a feeling of relaxation and a sense of care.

No matter what you add to the room, remember the number one rule – keep it clean. As they say, a cluttered room means a cluttered mind.