When health officials first recommended self-isolation, the prospect was sort of exciting. It meant no more going into the office, no more unwanted social obligations, no more voice in your head telling you to go to the gym. All in all, it sounded like an extended vacation. After a few seemingly endless weeks, it became clear that being forcibly sequestered in your home is not all it’s cracked up to be. In order to survive claustrophobia and boredom and to stave off anxiety and depression, make a plan of action to stay happy and healthy in these troubled times. Here are some ideas on how to keep yourself occupied with something more productive than mindlessly scrolling through social media or playing video games.

Cook Your Own Meals

If you have ever wanted to learn how to cook, there has never been a better time. Grocery stores are pretty much the only places you are allowed to go these days, so cooking fresh meals gets you out of the house in addition to making sure you are eating healthfully. If you are new to cooking, there are tons of recipe sites on the internet in addition to all the helpful YouTube videos that can get you started. If you are already a decent cook, now you have literally no excuse to be lazy and eat out. Home-cooked meals are not only better for you, but they also taste better since they come with a sense of accomplishment.

Clean Your Living Space

In order to preserve both your mental and physical health, it is paramount that you keep a clean living space. Ideally, you should keep distinct areas in the house for sleeping, working, and eating. If you don’t establish boundaries, you will experience a sense of listlessness and quickly find your days slipping away and even running together. Giving your house a good cleaning can also be cathartic; it’s a good release for all the energy you build up from staring at a screen all day.

Take Advantage of the Internet

Not too long ago, the internet was viewed as a place of promise, full of nearly all the world’s knowledge just waiting to be learned. Now that we have little else to do but spend time on the internet, this is a prime opportunity to think back to those days and use the computer for a positive purpose. For example, the tools are out there for you to learn a whole new language. Alternatively, you could watch a lecture series on a subject that has always interested you. Many subscription and streaming services are even making certain offerings free right now, such as operas and audiobooks. A trove of information is out there; use this time to soak some of it in.

Get Enough Sleep

You may not have to go into the office anymore, but don’t let that affect your sleeping schedule. Without a morning deadline looming, you might find yourself tempted to stay awake on the couch all night, watching movies or TV. Even worse, you will be drawn in by the news, unable to look away from the tense situation discussed on every television channel. Such behavior is not good for you. Do whatever you need to in order to make sure you go to bed at a reasonable hour each night, even if that means convincing yourself the boss expects you in his office at 9 a.m. tomorrow. More so than anything else, healthy sleep habits are the foundation for both mental and physical health.

Use a NAIPO Massager

With all the threats this pandemic brings to both lives and livelihoods, it is no wonder that many people are having trouble sleeping. This is a stressful time. While you are in self-isolation, seek out methods to ease this stress. YouTube videos on mindfulness and yoga can help you stay grounded. For a more physical solution, you can use a NAIPO massager. Any one of NAIPO’s many massage products can be used to relieve anxiety and stress. Not only can a massager serve as a sleep aid, but it can also serve as a great 15-minute activity to break up the unity of the day. However you choose to spend your time in isolation, NAIPO wants to help you make sure that you always have your health and well-being at the top of your mind.

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