It is a long held belief in traditional Chinese medicine that the feet are a gateway to good health. By targeting and massaging certain parts of the feet, they can remove ailments that affect the brain, eyes, ears, neck, shoulders, organs such as stomach, liver, kidney and more.

If you constantly get body aches, headaches and other day-to-day issues, Chinese foot massage reflexology may be one way to treat these problems. How can you target health issues and how can you get that ideal foot massage? Keep reading below!

A Basic Foot Reflexology Chart

Basic Foot Massage Pressure Point

This chart is a simplified version of reflexology. As you can see, there’s a whole lot of information here. Chinese traditional medicine goes back thousands of years and has discovered which parts of the feet to target to cure common problems like headaches. However, it gets even more complicated than this.

A Complex Reflexology Chart

In Depth Foot Massage

Our feet provide an in-depth map to body health and stronger energy. Chinese medicine says that our feet absorb qi (body energy), and many factors in the day and our choices determine how our qi flows. By applying pressure to acupoints (as shown above), it encourages the flow of qi. Better flow results in a balance of body and mind.

As mentioned above, a foot massage is key to encouraging the flow of qi. But do you really need an hour long foot massage with an expensive professional?

Foot Massager

Home Massager for Feet with Heat

Sometimes all you need is 10-20 minutes after a long day on your feet. Naipo’s Shiatsu Foot Massager is an ideal massager for your feet. Instead of spending so much money and time on visiting a professional, our massager can do the same from the comfort of your home. With features such as world’s first heat tapping, air compression and washable inserts, you’ll look forward to coming home every day.

Reflexology Mat

An alternative to a foot massager is a reflexology mat. These are mats made of toughened plastic with uniform bumps that rise out. Each of those bumps has dozens of smaller bumps that when walked and stood upon, help to improve the flow of qi. In the beginning, it feels a little weird – but after some time it becomes comfortable. They come in various sizes, shapes and colors.

The Real Thing

But of course, nothing beats visiting a professional for a real foot massage. Once in a while, treat yourself and head out to a spa to be treated like royalty. Sure, it’s an expensive option, but the steps involved, the essential oils used and perfumed scents wafting through the air are a treatment you should spoil yourself with.

Treat Yourself, By Yourself

If all these options are out of reach, then nothing beats a simple DIY foot massage. By following the charts above, you can enjoy a massage at home. The same essential massage oils used in spas and commercial massage locations can be used at home. Read our previous post about massage oils and which one is right for you.