Now that it is November, it is officially the holiday season. If you haven’t yet, now is the time to start your Christmas shopping in earnest. There is no better part of the year to tangibly show your family, friends and colleagues that you love them and care about their well-being. Especially in a year that has been fraught with uncertainty, there is no doubt that everyone on your Christmas list will enjoy receiving presents that help them maintain their mental and physical health.

If you still don’t know what to get people this year, look no further. Here at NAIPO we are full of great gift ideas! In our opinion, a gift is more than just a tangible item; it also symbolizes a bestowal of blessing and affection on those who receive it. With this in mind, here are several options for Christmas gifts designed for people to really use and enjoy:

1. oCuddle™ Shoulder Massager

The first in NAIPO’s popular O series of massage products, the oCuddle™ is the gift that keeps on giving. Many of us like to hug our loved ones on Christmas Day, but if you give someone an oCuddle™, you are giving them what basically amounts to an unending hug. With the oCuddle, anyone can relax and enjoy a cuddle whenever they need it most. Best of all, the recipient will think of you every time they use it, and they will associate you with the warm feelings it delivers all throughout the year.


2. oPillow™ Back Massager 

The oPillow™ is the perfect product for the 21st century. As life has become more and more digital, we are forced to spend long hours hunched over our computer screens. This is not healthy! Sitting at your desk for too long not only results in bad posture, but it also causes back stiffness and actual pain. The oPillow™ promises to address these problems head on, and anyone who works primarily on their laptop is sure to appreciate its results.


3. oFlexiSpa™ Steam Foot Massager 

When thinking about health and wellness, we usually think of our shoulders, back and other upper body parts where stress tends to build up. However, our feet are just as important. Think about it: as long as you are walking, running or even just standing, your feet are accumulating pressure and wear. A nice foot bath can treat these important body parts, and the oFlexiSpa™ offers a foot bath without any of the mess. Giving someone an oFlexiSpa™ for Christmas is like giving them their own personal “spa day.” After just a few uses, the skin on their feet will look completely rejuvenated.


4. NAIPO Full Back Massager with Heat

NAIPO has been making massagers for a long time. One of the most consistently popular is the NAIPO Neck & Back Massager with Heat. This neck and back massager has finger-like nodes that work as well as the real-life fingers of a professional masseur.


5. NAIPO Massage Gun

Finally, our last Christmas gift idea is perhaps the best deal of the bunch. The NAIPO Massage Gun Deep Tissue Percussion Muscle Massager is incredibly versatile, and it will take a lot of uses before you exhaust all of the massage experience possibilities. Believe it or not, you can get all of these massage experiences right now for a mere $109.99. At that price, you can make a lot of people’s Christmases merry.


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