These days, it is harder than ever to be a mother. Mothers are still responsible for all the important tasks of child rearing, but now society expects them to bring in an income as well. What was once considered the noblest of duties — staying home to raise the kids — is now looked down upon and even decried by public officials and opinion leaders. Mothers who do go into the office face their own set of prejudices, including stingy maternity leave policies and a stigma against breastfeeding in the workplace.

Despite these challenges, mothers press on. Though it is now fashionable for society to take a negative viewpoint on mothers, society could not exist at all without them. Mothers are the bedrock of civilization. Not only do they give birth, but they also nurse us when we are sick and sacrifice their own dreams for the fate of their children. There is no doubt that the mother is the MVP of the family and that mothers deserved to be honored 365 days of the year.

Instead, mothers are only officially celebrated on one day: Mother’s Day. Because of that, it is every child’s duty to show his or her mother the utmost love and affection on the second Sunday in May. When you were young, your mother spent every day cuddling and protecting you from the dangers of the world. Now that you are grown, it is your turn to return the favor. This Mother’s Day, you should find a way to give your mom a cuddle of her own. Every mother deserves a cuddle.

Mother’s Day should be special. Remember that when picking out a gift this year. To help, NAIPO has put together a special package including the best gifts for the best moms. Since mothers spend the rest of the days of the year running around and helping others, you should give her a way to relax. A NAIPO massager will reward her for all her hard work by getting her off her feet and providing her with treatment on par with that of a professional masseuse. NAIPO’s oCuddle™ massager in particular is designed to give her a cuddle just like the cuddles she gave you all those years ago.

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