If you have been watching or reading the news lately, you may have heard about the coronavirus. So what is the coronavirus? Well, a coronavirus is one of a series of viruses that includes the common cold, as well as other viruses like SARS and MERS. They are called coronaviruses because under a microscope the virus looks like a small crown.

Most importantly, the newest epidemic known as 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) or the Wuhan Coronavirus is also a member of the greater coronavirus family. This strain of the virus was discovered in late 2019, and since then it has led to the deaths of hundreds of people. In just over a month, this coronavirus has spread rapidly across China, the Far East, and even as far as the United States and Europe.

You may be asking yourself how to protect yourself from the virus. Well, there are several things that you can always do to avoid contracting viral infections like coronavirus or influenza (the flu):

●Wash and sanitize your hands often, especially before touching your eyes or mouth and before eating.
●Disinfect cooking and eating surfaces as well as other places you may touch.
●Wear a surgical mask.
●Avoid contact with bodily fluids.
●Isolate yourself as much as possible to avoid transmission (and make sure co-workers stay home when sick).
●Keep hydrated and well nourished.

Additionally, physical exercise and health can contribute to a strong immune system. Exercising on a regular basis will keep you in optimal physical health, thereby strengthening your immune system in the process.

Finally, numerous studies have indicated that stress increases the level of cortisol in your body, which can weaken your immune system. This, in turn, will cause you to get sick more frequently, and it will prolong the amount of time it takes to recover.

As a protection against the coronavirus, you can take measures to reduce your stress level. Whether you go to a professional masseuse or use one of NAIPO’s massagers, such as the oCuddle™, relieving muscle tension will keep your blood flowing and inhibit cortisol release. You won’t just feel better in the moment; you will protect your long-term health and well-being.