Fitness wearables have become popular for their smart features, such as heart rate and muscle monitoring. However, this technology only measures our activity. What happens after working out? What about our recovery?

Massage is a Total Fitness Recovery Aid.

Our physical and mental states are instantly relieved when treated with a massage. Long distance runners know this. It is why they run to the massage tables after every run. But why should professional athletes be the only ones to take advantage of it? If you love to stay active, check out these physical benefits that will change how you view fitness and self-care.

Physically: Massages Go Where Technology Cannot

From pain relief to posture correction, this hands-on practice has shown an incredible influence on several aspects of our health:

Enhanced physical performance.

phisical-performance-massage-therapyMassages take advantage of the body’s natural healing process. It plays a key role in increasing blood flow, increasing range of motion, and easing muscle stiffness. Over time, your muscles will lengthen, and will stay relaxed for a longer time.

In addition, regular massages can speed up muscle recovery, which is great for those who exercise frequently. Typical post-workout remedies may include ice baths and anti-inflammatory medications. While these are effective at decreasing inflammation, they block muscle repair and growth.

Reduced recovery time

If you want to stay active for a long time, an efficient recovery method must be used. As we get older, we quickly become more tired from doing the activities we are used to.

The great news is post exercise massages have proven to significantly reduce pain, soreness, and exhaustion. According to this survey, almost all respondents (98 percent) said they were looking to improve how they felt post-workout in some way, including wanting more energy (42 percent), and less muscle soreness and fatigue (52 percent).” If you are dissatisfied with your post-workout state, consider getting a massage within 48 hours after exercising. Not only will your body feel better, your recovery will improve as well.


Mentally: Massages Prepare You to Take on The World. Again.

Mark Twain said, “What counts is not necessarily the size of the dog in the fight—it’s the size of the fight in the dog.” Massages restore the unbound power of our minds by boosting 3 things: psychological readiness, self-care, and natural healing functions.

1. Increased psychological readiness

psychological, readiness, mental, benefits, massage, fitness, recoveryIf you have ever been injured, you know how hard it is to bounce back. And if you have never sustained an injury, you are some kind of gifted.Fitness wearables are great solutions to tracking and correcting your movements. However, they are not equipped to gauge and manage the user’s mood and anxiety.

Active people love to stay active, and massages help you do that after getting injured.

Whether it’s running a marathon, playing 18 holes of golf on the weekend, or taking the family on a trip, massage can help increase your focus toward accomplishing the endeavor at hand. Massage helps with mental preparedness by stimulating our natural endorphins and is a great mood enhancer.

2. Better self-care and knowledge

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Massages have evolved over time to treat various symptoms and illnesses. I am not saying that it cures cancer. But with all the gadgets floating around today, it is easy to forget how effective massages can be, along with how our bodies function.

Our bodies are designed to heal itself. Yes, we are that miraculous. Without this knowledge, it becomes easy to fall prey to short-lived fitness and diet trends. It becomes even easier to overwork  and healing improperly.

Massages teach us the importance of stopping and relaxing. After a few sessions, you become more aware of your activity and rest. You will also rethink what taking care of yourself really means.

3. Massages activate your healing powers.

Fitness wearables allow us to enhance our activities, but massages actively restore our physical and mental strengths. Striving for better fitness means striking the right balance between activity and rest, exhaustion and relaxation. If the body is the portal to your mind and well-being, then massages are the activators.

You can check out any of our personal massaging devices to get started on your total fitness recovery today.

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