The ideas, customs and social behavior of a culture can differ greatly from one to another. However, the one constant across all cultures is the value for health. The methods may vary, but the overall effect remains the same. So, what can we learn from other cultures that could help us with our own health and fitness? Continue reading to see how other people across the world stay healthy and in shape.

tai chi benefits Chinese traditions

The Art of Tai Chi in China

In China, they tend to move a little slower when exercising. The art of Tai Chi is widely practiced across the country and uses very minimal movement to achieve a healthy body and mind. Typically, you can find the older generation in public parks wielding their chi for all to see. The health benefits can range, but mostly include stronger immune systems, better balance and clearer focus.

Interestingly enough, the other common fitness choice in China is bodybuilding. The country practiced bodybuilding for nearly 100 years before the Communist movement in 1949, which banned the sport entirely. Fortunately, the sport was suddenly revived in the early 1980’s and now boasts a larger audience than ever before. Nowadays, you can find young men and women competing against each other in contests all across the country.

yoga benefits peaceful wellness

The Tradition of Yoga in India

Next on our list is India – the birthplace of yoga and meditation. Practiced around the globe, this calming Hindu spiritual and ascetic discipline is often observed for health and relaxation reasons. But, this isn’t a new phenomenon. Yoga has been around for over 5,000 years and it’s been proven time and again to be one of the most powerful workouts in the world. Not only does it burn calories and tone muscles, but it also helps with anxiety and stress.

Among the numerous health benefits, the most important include increased blood flow, healthier bones, improved balance and an overall happier well-being. In most yoga sessions, you’re taught to lower your breathing and heart rate which allows you to relax more and worry less. However, the true purpose behind most yoga practices is learning how to keep both your body and mind in sync at all times.

HIIT intense workout benefits health

The Practice of HIIT in the UK

The UK has developed it’s own form of vigorous exercise called HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). Essentially, HIIT involves short bursts of intensive exercise mixed with intermittent periods of rest. Just 15 minutes twice a week helps burn calories, break down fats, regulate appetite and control blood sugar levels. Plus, the beauty of this exercise is HIIT can be applied to any type of fitness activity i.e. cycling, swimming, running, etc. Making it one of the most adaptable workouts for anyone with limited free time.

In addition, the UK has recently experienced an increase in healthier food options for its citizens. The more active approach to diet has lead to steady growth in the organic packaged goods industry and other naturally grown food companies. Most believe that cutting out artificial sweeteners and adopting more natural food options will help mediate weight loss, as well as increase energy.

All around the world, other cultures are perfecting their own practices for health and wellness. Some have taken thousands of years to evolve while others have just recently been introduced. With time and practice, each one has the ability to strengthen both our body and mind. So, if you’re searching for your next fitness trend, just look abroad for some inspiration.

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