Given what we know about massages, it’s likely that most people tend to view massages as a costly solution to curing sore muscles. That being said, you wouldn’t be entirely wrong. Massages are universally known to relieve muscle tension and pain. However, there are other benefits to getting a good rub-down. In fact, the nurturing world of massage therapy has been used for ages and continues to be useful even in today’s modern times. So, here’s some surprising massage benefits you probably don’t know.

1) Keep yourself looking younger

Studies have shown that consistent stimuli to the facial region can help encourage blood flow and lymphatic draining. Wait, what’s lymphatic draining? Essentially, the cells in your skin collect toxins which can usually result in dull skin color or complexion. But, when the skin is gently rubbed, it allows your cells to absorb new nutrients leading to vibrant, healthy looking skin.

facial massage surprising benefits

2) Break through sport injuries

If you’ve played any type of sport before then you know injuries just come with the game. However, some sport injuries can be tough to overcome both mentally and physically. Massage therapy can help to circulate blood flow and keep your joints moving. But, even more importantly, it can help keep anxiety from surfacing while you recover. Surprisingly enough, massages will do more for your mental state than you might think.

3) Strengthen your immunity system

Our immune systems get tested everyday. We do our best to be hygienic by washing our hands regularly and cleaning our environments, but sometimes it just isn’t enough. It may come as a surprise, but regular massages can help. By relieving stress, your body naturally produces white blood cells which can help defend your body from commonly unseen bacteria. Additionally, your immunity functions can be further strengthened by eating healthy and consistently exercising.

better sleep massage therapy advantages4) Get more sleep

You’ll find that with most massages you’re always on the brink of falling asleep. Well, that’s because massages release serotonin into our bodies which encourages sleep. Most of us lose sleep because of Netflix or late nights at the office. But, people who experience sleep deprivation can find it difficult to live with. Massage therapy can provide relief and eventually be managed with continuous sessions from a therapist.

5) Relieve cancer symptoms

As with sports rehabilitation, massages have proven to be helpful with symptoms such as anxiety and pain management when it comes to cancer. One study conducted in 2004 at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York City claimed that light massage techniques could reduce pain, nausea, fatigue, depression and stress in cancer patients. So, if you’re currently battling cancer, you should consider introducing massage therapy as additional relief in your treatments.

Massage therapy can take many forms, but the results are always positive. It keeps us focused and driven towards recovery. It gives us time to sleep when we can’t. But, the biggest benefit comes from our ability to relax. Because, we all deserve the chance to relieve ourselves from the anxiety and pain in our lives.