How many times have you been stuck having to sit somewhere really uncomfortable? I can recall many situations when I’ve felt stranded, having to sit in a chair with terrible back support and a pathetic seat cushion, watching time pass for what seems like an eternity, feeling my muscles tighten and noticing my posture get worse, i.e. the doctor’s office, at work, in the car, etc.

Recently while preparing for a long 18-hour flight home and dreading the possibility of having to endure the entire trip in tiny, hard seats, I realized that it doesn’t have to be so bad. I could take one of my massagers with me! Then I thought, there are other uncomfortable situations we sometimes face outside the house that can be remedied with a massager. Regardless of whether you have chronic back pain or sore muscles, bringing a massager with you is a great way to relax while going about your everyday life.

Here are some ideas to inspire and encourage you to take your massager out of the house so you can feel better no matter where you are.

The Office

This one is probably obvious, especially for those of us who have a desk job or sit down for extended periods of time for most of the week. Having a sedentary career can wreak havoc on your back, neck, and overall posture, not to mention the typical pressures of work and the stress and anxiety that usually go along with it. The combination of these physical and emotional issues can cause extreme discomfort at work. It can also lead to bad moods, unproductivity, and inefficiency. Having a massager at work can not only relieve the physical discomforts but also improve the emotional ones as well.

Taking a few minutes from your tasks can be very beneficial to your work productivity — not just a mental break, but a physical break as well. We need the mental break for our minds to be stimulated and the physical break, like through massage, will increase our body’s blood flow which also helps our brain function and us focus better.


The Airport

Let’s go back to the inspiration for this article. Airports and airplanes are exactly like the type of place I described earlier. The kind of place where you usually have to wait for what seems like forever in uncomfortable seats. Massagers are small enough to take with you in a carry-on bag, backpack or even purse. Some of them are chargeable so you can enjoy a massage mid-flight, otherwise, you can relieve your stiff neck and sore back before, after and in-between flights — during those annoying layovers.


Road Trips

Previously mentioned in a review that I wrote for the neck and shoulder massager with heat, I mentioned that my family and I like to go on road trips. My dad is notorious for driving most, if not the whole way, which makes everyone uncomfortable because we worry about his eyes, neck, and body. I kid you not, my mom used to massage his neck while he was driving because of how sore it would get. I can’t wait to surprise my parents with one of the neck and shoulder massagers because now I’m pretty sure my dad will want to take a break just to sit in the passenger seat and enjoy a nice, soothing massage.


Movie Theater

This is a bit unorthodox, but just hear me out. Massages at the movie theater! I know, it’s a brilliant idea. As long as you’re not disturbing anyone, it’s fine. Nowadays, some movie theaters have VIP options that offer reclining massage chairs along with other interesting things like dining options. But why would you need to pay extra for all that when you could just bring your own massager? Like I said previously, some massagers are chargeable. It would be so nice to bring a fully-charged neck and shoulder massager with you and use it while watching a movie. Don’t pay for VIP, be VIP.

Closing Remarks

You don’t need to keep your massager at home. Take it with you to the places you need it most or to pamper yourself while you’re enjoying other things. Make sure you check the rules and regulations of these places you want to bring a massager, otherwise go for it!