If you love massages, why not share that experience with your kids? While massages might seem like something only for adults, they are in fact safe and beneficial for children too. With a range of health benefits for their growing bodies, massage can be a serious health investment for their well-being. Here’s what you need to know.

“How Can My Child Benefit From A Massage?”

The same way you do!

And just like you, children can get stressed which is where massage comes in handy. Whether it’s caused by school, playground squabbles, divorce, or moving homes, stress can negatively affect children. This in turn can cause an imbalance to their delicate immune systems leading to sickness. Not only that, but stress can even cause hormonal imbalances which is problematic during this important developmental stage.

If school and learning are causing an issue, massage is a great, non-medicated way to help children. If your child has difficulty concentrating or has an abundance of energy without an outlet, massage can both boost their concentration span and calm them down so they don’t disturb the class. Even in some parts of Sweden and Finland, schools provide a massage service to children due to the positive effects it has on them.

Woman massaging a child's foot

Due to constant physical contact when massaging, children learn the importance of a therapeutic touch – something many adults have yet to master. As touch is the first sense to develop, ensuring that it develops properly can be helped by massage. Furthermore, children that develop healthy views of touching are likely to develop higher self-esteems which then continue into adulthood.

A hot-button issue of the day is the rise of autism in children. Why the science is shaky for now, there is growing evidence to suggest that massage can help autistic children. Studies currently report that social communication, sensory processing, and adaptive behavior all improved as a result of regular massage. Even qigong, a Chinese massage therapy is reported to be helpful. Autism isn’t the only thing that massage can help; even children with ADHD were found to have greater anger management, improved mood, increased sociability, and better sleep at the end of a 6 week massage study.

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Can Children Use Massage Chairs and Portable Massagers?

Just as children can enjoy a massage from a licensed therapist, children can get equal enjoyment from massage chairs and portable massage devices. By stimulating all the same points in the body, massage chairs increase circulation around their bodies. As they are portable and can be kept in the home or school, they are quickly becoming a popular and affordable alternative that parents are reaching for.

Contraindication and Massage

Whilst massage has countless benefits that children can enjoy, parents need to be mindful of one important thing. If your child is currently undergoing a type of treatment where a contraindication is present, it is generally advised that you consult a doctor first before starting any type of massage treatment.

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Closing Remarks

Massage can relax, reduce stress, and improve well-being in a way that children adore. Whether it’s going to a professional or using a massage chair as they watch cartoons, children and parents can enjoy the full benefits of massage.